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February 13 to February 17, 2023 (Arrival day February 12 and departure day February 18)​


I think you all know by now what an enduro multi-day trans race is by now. Eg Trans BC, Trans NZ, Trans Sierra Norte, Trans Provence, etc etc. Email me if you don't!!!!  Just know that this is NOT a 5 day 'endurance' race xc.  This is enduro. Super casual, fun, relaxed with untimed climbs and timed descents



February 12: Arrival day (pickups from Hobart Airport and taken to Maydena)

February 13: Day 1 - Maydena

February 14 Day 2 - Maydena

February 15: Day 3 - Queenstown

February 16: Day 4 - Derby

February 17: Day 5 - Derby

February 18: Departure Day (shuttles back to Hobart Airport)


** More more specifics on time requirements for flight arrival and departures etc - can all be found on the racers info page (you are give the link to this page once you are registered. If you are registered and don't have this link, then email for the link


Riders are required to have a strong mountain biking background with enough fitness to get you through 5 back to back days of riding 20-25kms and climbing approx 1000m and being out on course approx 4hrs each day.  You are required to have solid technical single track skills.  The trails and courses will be a very vast variety throughout the 5 days - some faster, smoother flowier days, some technical steeper rockier days, some open terrain rock slab trail riding and everything in between.  You must be a very high level blue/intermediate rider at minimum but you will struggle on some days at that level - this would better suit a solid black trail rider to get the most enjoyment out of it.



Here is the good WON'T have to camp in a tent!  Yes that's right, during this 5 day event you will be put up in a variety of styles of accommodation from Air Bnb houses to motels, to lodges, with a nice clean, warm, dry bed to come back to at the end of each hard day of riding.  We will provide 6 nights of accommodation - the night before the race starts and then every day of the event including the final night.



Cooked breakfast and full dinners will be provided everyday along with on-course snacks and sandwiches for lunches each day.



We provide Airport shuttles before and after the event from Hobart Airport. See racers info page for specifics on booking your flights with arrival times etc to meet with our shuttle pickup times 



We will be using the sportident timing system. Its highly accurate with instant results!






Do I need to wear a full face helmet?

No you don't.  The choice is up to you.  A helmet must be worn at all times. Knee pads are mandatory.  You will be out there for 3-5hrs each day so up to you if you want to take a full face along with you. Trails are intermediate to advanced. 


Where do I fly into and by what time?

Hobart Airport Sunday February 12, no flights landing later then 1.45pm

What if I arrive earlier?

You just have to hang out until the allocated pick up time (approx 2.15pm or based on when last flight before 1.45pm comes in)


Departure Details?

Shuttles from Derby take you back to Hobart leaving Derby at 9am arriving at Hobart Airport around 12.30pm - so no flights before 2pm.  You can choose to stay in Derby for longer and organize your own shuttle to Launceston Airport or Hobart and several companies offer this service on a per person bases for not much money


Bike Box's - where do they go?

We will store your bike box's and bags during the event and you will get them back on the final day


Where will we be staying?

A variety of Air Bnb houses and motels, and lodges


How much luggage can I bring?

Your bike bag (that will be stored during the event). Your riding/day pack and 1 x large luggage/duffle bag for your clothes, sleeping bag, etc.  Please be mindful of the volunteers that will be helping transport your luggage bags and do not make them over 50pds/23kgs.


What tools should I bring?

To keep things simple and light, just bring tools that you would essentially need out on trail. Eg allen keys, shock pump, spare tubes, hanger for your bike. Other major tools like pedal wrenches can be brought to put your bikes together but can be left in your bike bag for the week. Hub tools, cassette tools, bb tools, floor pumps etc don't need to be bought as we will have those on hand for you to use


What mechanical support is there during the 5 days?

Shimano will be on board to offer bike prep supplies each morning like floor pumps and lube etc. For mechanical support: Maydena has a repair centre that will be on hand to help and Sprung Bike Shop will be there to offer mechanical support for days 3-5. Derby also has a bike shop for any extra supplies you might need.


How fit or how good of a technical rider do I need to be?

Details outlined above under 'skill level / experience' heading, but if you are concerned on your tech level then just email me and I can help you out to decide if its the right fit for you.



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