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Trans Tasmania



Megan Rose


ABOUT: Megan Rose

Megan has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for 15 years and organizing bike events for 7 years. She put on one of the first enduro races in BC in 2013, then created and managed the BC Enduro Series from 2014 before handing it over to Ted Morton in 2017. Megan created Trans NZ in 2015 and it has been running now for 6 years and Trans BC from 2016 that is 4 years in.  She is now excited to add in Tasmania to the mix. She is a citizen of all these countries and has a passport for each, so she figured it was time to have a Trans race in each of these countries: NZ, Canada and Australia!!  


She likes to spend her spare time continually exploring new locations for either future locations for these events or just for fun.  Megan also tries to get out for several races a year to explore new locations, hang with friends and continue to push limits.  Past results of: Top 20 at EWS pro races, 1st Place Masters EWS Whistler, 3rd Trans Sierra Norte, 4th Trans Maderia, 1st Yak Ru Nepal, 2 x BC Bike Race Winner  (2009 and 2012), 3 day La Ruta Costa Rica, local events all over BC, 10 day adventure races, 24hr adventure races, etc. She has a huge concept on the industry of mountain bike racing.  Combine this with her Bachelor of Business in Event Management, she knows what it takes to put on a good race from both an organizer's perspective and racer's perspective.  

She is super excited to continually grow and expand the biking industry to help all other fellow riders explore the world by bike. 


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